-Name: Layla-
-Age: 28-
-Location: USA-
-Occupation: Camwhore-

Things I Love
-Panties -
-Naked Chic's-
-The Beach-

Welcome to my naughty little world!





pbrrob03 said: My username is redryder03

I’ve added you

You will be able to view my cam but I think it still blocks my profile

Anonymous said: i love your blog you are truly a beautiful woman

Thanks :)

sarcasmic13 said: if you had a boat right now what would you name it?

Maybe next year .. It’s the story of my life

I’m not going to be the girl you marry, but I’ll be the girl you’ll be thinking of 20 years from now while you engage in polite sex with your boring wife who fakes her orgasm to make you feel better about your receding hairline.
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Anonymous said: do you ever give out your snapchat ?

Yup to guys who tip 350tk a month or 1313tk for the year on myfreecams

tjc73 said: Hi Layla, curious as to why you haven't gone mainstream porn with a production company?

I don’t want to fuck random cocks and they just don’t pay enough